Upcoming Events – Click on the photos for more info on each event.

Survivor Awareness Walk

Sunday, April 23, 4:30pm
Register today!

4th Annual Candlelight Vigil

Sunday, April 23, 7pm
Free & Open to the Public

Feel the Gratitude

Wednesday, April 26, 7-8:30pm
Register today!

We’ll share our great news soon!


Mission Statement

The Healing House is a peer-supported community organization helping adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse on their paths to recovery.

We are devoted to creating services to meet the individual’s growth and healing.

We work with area professionals to create compassionate referral systems.

Welcome to Healing House!

Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to help.
Tell us what you need.

The Dream

The Dream

We have some big plans…
And they include YOU!

Stepping Stones

 Join us on our path as we
make our dream come true.

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“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is with yourself.”

— Steve Maraboli