Support Groups

Workshops and Support Groups Schedule

Check back frequently – additional groups are currently being created and scheduled.

Self-Esteem and
Stress Management

This group teaches participants techniques to reduce stress in their daily lives and improve their self-esteem. Each week, the group member participates in some kind of meditation or exercises to help refocus their energy. This group uses the The Little Book of Stress Relief.

Creative Expressions Arts
and Crafts Group

This group meets for a variety of creative arts projects. We have a lot of fun and create lifelong friendships. Please join us and bring your friends for an evening of fun and relaxation!!

The Courage to Heal

This group offers adults survivors of childhood sexual abuse a place to begin or continue their healing journey.  The group will work through the “Courage To Heal Workbook” by Laura Davis.  This workbook engages participants in both cognitive and creative activities to help overcome the effects of childhood sexual abuse.